IMG_20150516_145050717-300x169 DR. JOANNA KULSKA


Assistant Professor,

Institute of Political Science

University of Opole, Poland


Joanna Kulska is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Political Science of University of Opole where she also holds the post of the director of trinational Polish-German-French Europa Master Program and Erasmus program coordinator. She graduated from Warsaw University (International Relations) and University of Lodz (Knowledge of Culture). She received her Doctoral Degree from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of Warsaw University based on the doctoral thesis published in 2006 entitled The Holy See in International Cultural Relations from John XXIII to John Paul II.  She was the fellow of John Paul II Foundation in Rome (2001) and The Kosciuszko Foundation in New York (2015) conducting her research at the University of Chicago. In 2017 she was the guest professor at the Institute of Political Science at University of Mainz within Polonikum Program. Her main area of interest are international cultural relations and more specifically the changing role of religious factor in international relations with the special focus on religious peacebuilding as well as the evolution of contemporary diplomacy.