CenRaPS Chairman delivered his presentation on 'New Media'

CenRaPS Chairman Rahmat Ullah delivered his research presentation on “Mass Media and New Media: The Role of Bangladeshi Youths” at “Educational Summer Camp 2019” in Istanbul, Turkey. The Camp held on July 20-21 in association with ‘Federation of International Student Associations (UDEF)’ & ‘Bangladesh Student Association in Turkey (BASAT)’.

As a special guest; Rahmat Ullah emphasised on the gradual decrease of print and electronic media’s role where today’s youth generations are depending on new media sources for daily news and updates.

Rahmat Ullah highlighted on; education and consciousness which are very important things for using new media. Because in the new media like Facebook or Youtube; users are working as broadcasters, news and video editors. Rahmat Ullah suggests that proper use of new media can ensure social development, political socialization and political accountability.

News: CenRaPS

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